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Precision Hydraulic Puller (With Separator & Inbuilt Pump)
Self contained hydraulic pump and puller body with integral safety valve.
360oC deg. Rotary socket.
Four stages of foldable and removable handles; save the handle force during the operation.
Easy release valve.
Heat treated and chrome plated hydraulic cylinder rod provides linear force
2/3 Combination puller cross head with manganese phosphate plated for rust proof and durability.
Spring loaded live centering nut (removable).
Heat treated forged alloy steel cross bolts and jaws with manganese phosphate plated.

Model Capacity Stroke(mm) Reach(mm) Spread(mm) Wt(kg)
PM 4 4 Ton 60 250 110 8.5
PM 6 6 Ton 60 250 110 8.5
PM 8 8 Ton 85 270 220 12.5
PM 10 10 Ton 85 270 220 12.5
PM 12 12 Ton 85 381 290 18.0
PM 15 15 Ton 85 381 290 18.0

Induction Heater
Induction Heater PIH: 2000 (2.0/2.6 KVA)
Induction Heater PIH: 2002 (6.0 / 8.0 KVA) Induction Heater PIH: 2002SPL(4.6/6.0KVA) Induction heater PIH: 2003 (11 / 16 KVA)
Induction Heater PIH: 2003SPL(10.5/11KVA) Tyre Induction heater PIH: 2005(60/127 KVA)
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