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Precision Drum Lifter cum Tilter

Precision Drum Leafter Come Tilter is designed with our industrial experience and robust infrastructure, and we have been able to offer a wide range of Hydraulic Drum Lifters & Tilters that can be operated by a single man and scientifically designed with in built high quality & safety. The Drum Tilting Angle of the equipment is 360° and it is provided with front wheel and steering wheel with diameter of 150 x 50 mm and 200 x 50 mm respectively.


Capacity : 300 kg
Lift : 1500, 2500 & 3000 mm
Overall Size - L 1300 x W 850 mm
Drum Tilting Angle - 360°
Front Wheels - diameter 150 x 50 mm - 2 Nos
Steering Wheels - diameter 200 x 50 mm - 2 Nos


Single   man   operated   equipment  for  vertical   lifting, horizontal transportation & 360° rotation of drum
Tilting is with worm & worm gear, providing positive self locking at every position of tilt
Long hand lever for tilting provides effortless rotation of fully loaded drum without operator's fatigue
The chances of accidents due to improper handling of drums are totally avoided
The damages & wastage of contents are totally avoided
Scientifically designed with in built high quality & safety
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